FIDSI (Federation of Indian Direct Selling Industries) is formed with an objective to bring about awareness of all business sectors and people about the direct selling industry as an integral part of industrial sector in India.

The necessity for such an action is felt as the people understanding bears the strong brunt of money laundering due to ponzi schemes / quick money circulation scheme frauds on the rise could blunt the distinguishing line between direct selling and money circulation schemes. The awareness among people in general with regard to the direct selling industry is shrouded due to very little promoting and more often a direct selling company is mistaken for a money circulation set up both by the media as well as the involved authorities.

Among the people it is generally observed that many genuine direct selling companies were assailed by people and governing authorities to classify them as cheats or frauds. This trend has been a very deplorable situation.
In the absence of any dependable system the authorities seem to operate in dark in spite of the Governing authorities clarifying that direct selling / direct marketing are only marketing companies and may not fall under the Prize Chits and Money Circulation (Banning) 1978 act.
However, the punitive actions continue as neither the authorities nor people know the actual potential of direct selling and what this all is.

FIDSI has been organized by few progressive and like-minded people only with an intention to bring about awareness on

  1. What direct selling is intended.
  2. What all it envisages to perform.
  3. All the positive results direct selling plans to bring about.
  4. The contribution of direct selling to the already booming Indian economy.

The main objective of FIDSI is to protect the cause of direct selling from all fraudulent and unscrupulous practices from various fronts.

FIDSI would also work towards achieving the objective of bringing direct selling into the understanding of people, media, and the authorities in general.


  1. Evolving, cultivating and cooperating in the highest global standards for formation of ethical policies and strategies.
  2. Representing the industry's environment and current interests with governments of various states as well as the country, media and chief authorities of related bodies.
  3. Serving as a dependable global resource for developing the vision of the direct selling concept in India.
  4. Promoting cooperation amongst direct selling organizations to foster the rate of Indian people's employment and industry at a large scale.


  1. Pursue the highest level of mutual cooperation and virtuous conduct amongst various direct selling companies in the Indian and global marketplace.
  2. Foster the Indian direct selling evolvement by partnering with various legal and social forums, and evolve an academic opinion all over the country and the world on Indian direct selling.
  3. Envisioning and strengthening the management of Indian Direct Selling Associations and promoting smooth integration and alignment among the direct selling companies with special emphasis on market coherence.


  1. To act as a bridge between direct selling company(s) and government to promote ethical direct selling and develop consumer centric policy in the peripheral of direct selling industry.
  2. To educate direct selling company(s) for implementing Direct Seller guidelines issue by Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
  3. To act as expression platform for Direct Selling companies, Direct Selling and consumer(s).
  4. To encourage Direct Selling Company to implement and execute consumer friendly policy.
  5. To educate consumer and direct seller the difference between direct selling/ponzi and money circulation scheme.
  6. To act as source of Data center for government policy framework on Direct selling.
  7. To create a platform for all the members of direct selling including but not limited to company, vendors, supplier and many more.