• We Shall not use misleading, deceptive or unfair recruiting practices in our interactions with the prospective or existing direct sellers
  • We Shall not make any factual representation to a prospective direct seller that cannot be verified or make any promise that cannot be fulfilled.
  • We Shall not misrepresent the actual or potential sales or earnings of the direct sellers.
  • We shall not allow or encourage our direct sellers to purchase product inventory in unreasonably large amounts.
  • We shall provide a proper mechanism for grievance redressal for consumers & direct sellers.
  • We shall provide a full refund / buyback guarantee and cooling off period to every direct seller.
  • we shall provide mandatory training to enable direct sellers to operate ethically.
  • We shall comply with the provisions of direct selling guidelines,2016 consumer protection act 2019 and all other statutory laws of the land
  • We shall mandatorily file declaration of compliance to direct selling guidelines, 2016 in each and every state of INDIA a where our distributors /consumers live.
  • We shall, at all times, keep our website updated with all information as required under the law of the land.


As a member of FIDSI, you will access a world of opportunities, from networking with the corporate majors of Indian and global industry to assisting in framing direct selling and economic policies, through close linkage with the government. FIDSI proactive approach focuses on helping you to increase efficiency and competitiveness. The key benefits are :


  • Platform to interact with other members, institutions, State and Central Governments
  • Networking opportunities with India and global Corporate Majors. Forum a to meet global business and political leaders
  • Participate in seminars, training programmers, conferences and meetings
  • Overseas offices to assist in establishing linkages (Future plans)
  • Platform to enhance your business and develop newer markets
  • To act as a bridge between direct selling company(s) and government to promote ethical direct selling
  • To create a platform for all the members of direct selling including but not limited to company, vendors , supplier and many more


  • Global trends that affect your business
  • Improve internal efficiency and productivity
  • Get an insight into Government policies and their impact on businesses
  • To act as an expression platform for Direct selling companies, Direct Selling and consumers.
  • To encourage DSC to implement and execute consumer friendly policy.
  • To educate consumer and direct seller about the difference between direct selling/ponzi and money circulation scheme.


  • Share your best practices with other members
  • Help enhance competitiveness of Indian industry
  • To educate direct selling company(s) for implementing best business practices.

Policy work

  • Participate in Committees and Task Forces
  • Get expert advice on Government legislations, regulations, etc.
  • To assist government in developing consumer centric policy in the peripheral of direct selling industry.
  • To act as source of Data center for government policy framework on Direct selling

Business Support services

  • To create a platform for arbitration between the member for dispute resolution.




  • Eligibility for FIDSI Membership is as under :


  • Any Company or Firm in India engaged in the business of direct selling having submitted details to Ministry of consumer affairs can request for membership.

  • There are 2 categories of members :

  1. Full time members : For organizations having at least 2 years of ROC.
  2. Associate members : For organizations having less than 2 years of ROC.

Affiliate Members

  • Representative offices of foreign companies operating in India as liaison offices under the approval of Reserve Bank of India are eligible. The associate membership would be converted into member category as and when liaison office status changes to a full-fledged company with the commencement of commercial production and/or services generating sales turnover.
  • Manufacturers, vendors, professionals, consultants.
  • National or regional associations/councils/organizations. Affiliation to FIDSI of such bodies would not affect the autonomy or independence of the affiliated body. They would retain the complete right to decide and pursue its own line of action. However, such affiliated members shall not have the right to vote.

Institutional Members

  • The following people/organizations can apply for becoming institutional members :

  • National or regional professional institutes dealing with :
    1. collection and dissemination of information.
    2. research and development.
    3. technical up gradation processes.
    4. exploration of new resources.

However, they shall have

  • no power to occupy a seat in the National/Regional/State Councils.
  • no right to vote.


1. For full time and associate membership
For admission as a member of FIDSI, a company or a firm must submit an application in writing to the Zonal Coordinator/Resident of the respective region in the prescribed form, which must be signed by the applicant. The application shall contain an acceptance of, and an agreement to abide by, the rules and regulations of FIDSI.

2. For affiliate membership :
The organization must submit a :

  • Formal application.
  • Copy of RBI approval for opening liaison office in India.
  • Copy of annual report of parent company.

3. For institutional membership ::
The organization must submit :

  • A formal application.
  • Memorandum and Rules of the Association or institution.
  • List of Governing Council, last annual report and audited accounts.
  • Note on annual membership subscription, if any, of Association or institution. list of members, payment, etc.

Internal Policies

  • The FIDSI Charter covers all of Federation Of Indian Direct Selling Industries (FIDSI) members, their staff, contractors, distributors, agents and Direct Selling companies, including full and associate members while engaged in Direct Selling, for the sale of either products or services.
  • FIDSI, for its day to day management, may create sub – committee for application screening/ethics & practice implementation and event coordination.
  • FIDSI membership companies should follow the code of practice described by the FIDSI. There will be an Ethics committee in FIDSI to monitor Implement and execute FIDSI code of practice.

This Code is not law, but its obligations require the members to abide by a level of ethical behavior which conforms with or exceeds applicable legal requirements. Non-observance of this Code does not create any civil law responsibility or liability. With termination of its FIDSI membership, a Company is no longer bound by this Code. However, the provisions of this Code remain applicable to events or transactions that occurred during the time a Company was a member of FIDSI.

Local Regulation
Companies and Direct Sellers must comply with all requirements of laws in India. Therefore, this Code does not restate all legal obligations. Compliance by Companies and Direct Sellers with laws of India that pertains to Direct Selling is a condition of acceptance of membership in FIDSI.

Any member may withdraw from FIDSI by giving three months notice, in within, to the President, with the intention to do so provided that the annual subscription for the current year and any other dues have been fully paid up.

Cessation of Membership
A member shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the FIDSI:

  • In case it defaults in paying subscription.
  • In case it resigns in the manner laid down.

Matters relating to expulsion, resignation, cessation etc, shall be decided as per the Rules of FIDSI.